Sorry I've been neglecting my blog so much :( it's makes me sad. But I promise to keep a log of all the creative activities I've been doing from now on!

Recently I've been obsessed with making shirts, as in the images to be printed on them. I've always been a super visual person and my computer is just chockers with folders of images off the net I've collected through the years (included loads of my fave Evangelion). As I consolidated these I just decided it'd be fun to make some collages which turned into T shirt ideas. You could even use your own photos, I've also got heaps of films that I've developed over the years that could be cool too.

There's loads of companies if you just google search it. Anyways, I chose The Print Bar because they were local and I found that they were the easiest to use in terms of putting it all together. You can do everything straight from the site like collaging all your pics in, choosing your shirt, they have cute crop tops too so I'm super impressed. They also made me a cute bag when I went in to pick it up. Another brownie point they gain for using the softest tees, I remember I used to get band tees back in my 'harcore' days lol (emo) and they were just stiff and horrible. You had to wear them in for ages...but PB shirts are so damn soft, like HOW!?

So how cool is it to create your own T shirts these days, people don't do it enough! Let me know if you try it out, I'd love to see how it goes :D