Free Eggs

On the weekend, Generation Wuss, a multi - arts exhibition all about our fast moving web-based generation opened in Brighton! You can read more about the exhibition here or go here to find out more about the artists and works! Instead of marketing and choosing artists for the Spool Collective side of thing this time, I got to make a GIF for the show!

(click on image to start)

My concept was about my process of creating blog posts; which comes from boredom and a need to feel productive with an information overloaded headspace. It's also about the irony of creating links between things totally unrelated (no matter how far-fetched or weak) and the intrigue of the domestic setting. Or  I really just decided to put images together and screen shot it with no idea of direction or what I wanted to do then SAID I knew what I wanted to do. I feel like that's what people, and some we regard as geniuses, do? But none of that really matters because I think it's more worthwhile if everyone was just open-minded and revel in the splendour we all create, be proud, just experience and not analyse everything so much. I mean, so much stuff is out there who are we to judge, if you don't like it close it, being a hater is a waste of everyone's time.

Anyways, back to shopping + shiz! I wish I had more chances to blog right now, I have some cute new stuff to showsies! HK is sweltering though, and got me eating my heart out every second of the day..so I have been a busy (lazy) girl ;p. 

In the meantime; that Generation Wuss gif also includes a few awesome items I acquired during my Tokyo adventures including versace jeans from dog,  white leopard sport and roses vintage skirt from kinji (best thing about japanese vintage is that everything fits me like a damn glove), vintage puma shirt revamp dress from kaka vaka, vintage versace dress for 30 bucks and joy rich (one of my weaknesses) trousers!

PS. This DJ Koze song makes me want to have a baby or go to india (something significant and beautiful) and makes me regret EVERY SECOND of my existence  not going to see him when he was in Tokyo! If it doesn't do that much for you, probably need some better headphones.