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It will be three weeks on Wednesday since I have been in the land of the rising sun.  Since the last update, I have met a group of genuinely lovely souls through my best friend, saw the end of the Sakura season, purikura'ed frequently, went to the Robot Restaurant, Kanamara (PENIS) Festival and JR Mural and Exhibition at Watari Musem, really takes photobooth to a whole new level!

Liber Oz sweater over vintage army turtleneck over sized top, gun tights, socks from cannibis, platform sneakers from harajuku

First of all, I want to tell you about one of our favorite places to drink.  We always seem to end up at this tiny max capacity of I'd say 20-30,  300 yen shot bar in Shibuya and be loud obnoxious gaijins. They're super laid back and don't mind joining in, I swear they hate us a little bit, but are learning to love us. The best part is plugging our iphones in and make them play the tackiest 90's pop, that's when the partayyyy starts. We even dressed up one weekend as school girls, Pikachus, maids and cheerleaders, costumes we found at Donki (favorite superstore where you can get anything you could possible need in life, I'm talking kerastase to person sized dildo's) conveniently around the corner.

This time in Japan, I was lucky enough to go to the Robot restaurant in Kabukicho was absolutely INSANE! Words just cannot explain, except that we all wanted to be employees afterwards. It was super fun, ravey, devoid of any sort of concept though the venue and costumes were mind-blowing (in the greatest tackiest, overkill of ways). I apologise in advance for rotating the camera, I'll get better I swear.

After an all nighter, we managed to pluck ourselves out of our graves for Kanamara (festival of the steel phallus eheeeee!). It takes place in April near a shrine prostitutes pray for protection against STD's and business propsperity while couples pray for marriage and fireworks in the bedroom. We sat in the sunshine, ate takoyaki, drank, perused the penis shaped vegetable carvings, beautiful old shrines and other novelty penis ornaments. It's pretty much a tourist attractions these days, intriguing seeing old grannies in traditional kimonos sucking on penis candy.

Finally, the JR Mural and Exhibition at Watari Museum has been another highlight so far of this trip. Brought to you by the artist who is renowned for his inside out project, the exhibition chronicles his artistic career. His large scale poster art transcends international borders and highlights issues across the world. His mission is to create galleries open and accessible to everybody, and give individuals responsibility over what they do with their own image fostering the creation of links between people, the exchanging ideas and asking questions. All images taken are archived and tells stories of people about communities from all parts of the globe. Then there is us being top line bandits!

I will be starting up personal shopping, Tokyo goodies on the blog store soon, keep your eyes peeled! I have also been making a note of all the Tokyo suggestions as well, thank you :)

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