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The best horror flicks were spawned in the 80's, you got The Shining, Evil Dead, The Thing Hellraiser, Nightmare on Elm, Amityville, Halloween, Gremlins and Child's Play to name some of my favourites off the top of my head. Now I feel as though we're just stuck with Hollywood churning out remasters and remakes all for HD'd blood and boring 'today' attire lacking a storyline and usually an over dramatic ending serving as an anti-climax, leaving you a little empty inside. For me, watching the classics in they're cinematic glory, awkward pacing, kitschy soundtrack give me the ultimate satisfaction.

vintage denim vest, american apparel crop, lace up leather short from hk, deadly ponies backpack (the deer leather feels like butter I'm so in love and slept with it in my bed the first night before it was taken out and put to with within the harsh outside world haha).

Being killed off in a gorey horror movie after putting up a fight is definitely one of the things on my bucket list. Now that I've been a  foreign exchange student turned zombie it doesn't beat being chained up hostel style, torn apart by zombies, running off into the woods and sliced up etc. Better yet being in stuff like Tokyo Gore Police and Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein girl or even the more lo-fi ones like Robo Geisha or Big Tits zombie kicking butt and doing the slicing! I'm always intrigued and inspired by the characters that are created by such messed up but genius minds.

What's your favourite classic horror film that you reckon I need to watch?