Robin's Wolf

Did you ever play The Path? It's a a psychological horror game developed by independent game company Tale of Tales back in 2009. It freaked me out back then, I never finished it. The graphics, environment and characters are so intriguing I am tempted to go back and play, 4 years later hopefully I have grown a pair...

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The Path is based on little red riding hood, it's a very short, slow paced game as you only ever guide the characters and when you want them to interact with objects or people, they do so on their own accord when you move near it and wait. It's an immersive game that sucks you, lacking-in-your face weapons and crude blood and gore, but rather its use of subtle, suggestive images that trigger dark themes within your own psyche, creating a personal nightmare. The soundtrack is bone chilling and your progress is deemed a success as you encounter different wolves and never return home to your sisters. All the endings are different depending on your character, wolf and objects you collect and encounter. Despite being the more traditional one, Robin was one of my 'favorites' to play...I tried not to kill any of them! :(

Good game though, if you're into Amnesia, Limbo and stuff this is a good short cheap game that won't completely consume your life if you get addicted to things like this easily. Need to be a patient cookie though!

Be sure to let me know if you find any gems, please?