I always manage to own people in Marvel vs. Capcom, probably because I button mash pretty good and I manage to throw in a few impressive specials along the way. It's pretty much my second favorite to Tekken, meaning I could play it forever (or just a really looooong time) BUT it's still way cooler that you're a kick ass super hero 80% of the time or a badass villian. So guys, when will a horror villian on villian game come out. Can you imagine pinhead (hellraiser)/chucky/xenomorph vs. freddy kruger/leatherface/michael myers!!?? JIZZ.

lazy oaf kapow bodycon dress, ghostbag from etsy, agyness deyn x dr martens red velvet creepers (I have been wearing these errryday :).

Sorry for the rant and for putting up with the backwards superhero sound effects here! I ain't a super hero so I can afford to be lazy right? Speaking of which, Lazy Oaf (these guys aren't lazy) has been hot on my radar lately, has me at their batman collection! Now that my hair is darker after a bleach and dye home job with the help of a friend (update soon), a little more colour is called for.

Halloween is coming up, HOORAH what are your plans, who are you dressing up as? I'd love to run with the superhero theme if you got any suggestions (preferably with purple hair) that would be sweet!