Henry Holland dress, Fleamadonna Leather Jacket, vintage plush dog backpack, platforms from HK

It got so hot today, summer just hit us in Brisbane quite unexpectedly (storms are on their way). I'm sooo ready to get my little dresses out and shed those layers! I don't know if anyone has this problem but I get headaches from wearing jackets...perhaps too many studs/layers, all that weight, yes I am a weakling...

5 things I am extremely excited about coming up:
  1. Assist styling an epic shoot on Monday inspired my ancient oriental culture, think house of flying daggers involving thousands of dollars worth of ancient headdresses and imperial garments (more scared)
  2. Attending friend's show Cotton Pony next Friday night
  3. My best friend moving up to Brisbane during the week
  4. Being in a Zombie film on Saturday
  5. Seekae!

What's your 5 this week?