Images by Jessica Shipard of Colony

While I was in Melbourne a few friends and I were hooked up with new hair courtesy of Prophecy in Fitzroy! You may not know this, but I dread visiting the hair dressers, I HATE getting my hair cut and more so, sitting in the chair for hours while I get my roots done. Being at Prophecy though was just like hanging out with friends (+good music and wine), add to that you're guaranteed walking out of there loving your new look, or in my case, I grew to adore my dark raven locks. It has even changed my style a bit, I have observed my tendency to 'witch' it up again. Funny how your hair can do that to you...

For years, I never imagined having, let alone liking my natural dark hair, but they made me realize a new way to work with it, the black semi permanent 'veil' was genius for the roots situation (that was getting out of control), whilst keeping the bright green and layering electric blue over it. The more I wash it, the more colours come through and continues looking salon fresh and more importantly, healthy. See, they don't try hard, they're quietly cool and they totally know what they are doing. 

All you lucky ducks residing in Melbourne should pop down on a Tuesday for 20% off all services (until the 14th of August), you may still even see my cheeky (literally :S) toosh in the window!

Let me know what you think? Perhaps major hair plans for the future, ones you have always wanted but unsure?