Henry Holland silk shirt, Zara leather dress, swan garters, vintage lace ups

Freshly dyed hair! Started using Stargazer semi permanent rinse (off ebay) which is like 98349234 times better okay. It's definitely brighter and shinier and comes in a squeeze tube (YEAHH), 1 bottle ended up being plenty for my lengths. Also bought a bunch of La Riche so I'll fill you in as I get through it all.

Been enjoying life too much post uni we're talking waffle dates, kareoke, diablo 3, making shapes on various d floors (not in moderation). It's been a long time coming and graduation is near need some kind of dress but might just scab something off my best fraaaan. Still lusting over Emma Mulholland, graduation backpack anyone?

I'm also really excited about sharing some pictures from a shoot this weekend I did with the AMAZING Amelia Dowd (who I have also worked with for Colony) for a super talented fashion student. It's all under wraps right now but I can tell you it involved asian supermarkets, burgers, gaming arcades, drool worthy tights, sugar, unicorns and swimwear. Super surprised with the things we got away with that day, didn't end up getting kicked out except for a group of creepy bums and rise of the drunks at the end of the night. There are a few sneaky peeks on my instagram (@wenopia)!