comme des garçons lace shirt, lover wine chord shorts, thick knit cardigan from hong kong, vintage platform chunky lace ups off etsy, werokay silk tote, handmade beanie from reenie's

Winter calls for indulging in the naughtiest treats you can imagine. But paying a visit to Lady Lamington more than a few times a week can be tough on those pennies.

Cheating with Lindt, we made the ultimate chilli hot chocolate and waffles concoction. You can make your own by melting down any block of chocolate with a little butter, flavored ones are funnest then just stir in a few cups of milk! However, if you have more time on your hands go the spiced hot cocolate recipe here and tell me how it goes.

What I wore to the outposts's, I used to skate once 8 last night; the boards were impressive and all round super fun night, watching boys on the ramps to The Kramers, Sewers and Six Ft Hick as well as a spot of dangerous drunken shopping in Winn Lane (evil tactics I tell you, get me at my weakest moment). Catch all the action via my instagram (@wenopia)!