velvet halterneck mini, ksubi knit, sterling silver skeleton hands choker self made, henry holland hold up, damir doma suede creeper boots

My favorite manga would have to be, hands down, anything by Junji Ito. Long arduous bus rides fly by when I'm in his world of Gyo, Uzumaki and apart of the Museum of Horror Collection: Tomie.

I have also seen Uzumaki, the live action film;  interestingly it's eerie visuals and use of colour give off a 70s derelict, end of the world vibe which I adored and was more impressed when I realized it was produced in 2000. The trouble I had was how the bulk of horror and creepiness was lost in its translation to film, same with Tomie. Or maybe it comes down to the fact that I've been desensitized by all the gore films I indulge in?

In the end, I much prefer to stick to bold black and white raw graphics, it gives your imagination a workout, in my case everything is ten times more disturbing! The way that books are always better than the movie, a method better enjoyed, fully immersed even if it's a longer process, don't you think?

Now, if only Romance was Born would team up with Ito after marvel (s/s 2012/13), wouldn't that be a world worth living in (I'm sure my best friend would vom)!?