Nîmes ✌✌

asos crop, american apparel skirt, vintage denim jacket, werokay silk tote (cat$, car$ & money would make anyone's day)

Denim floats around and never gets old but when you add some cute patches and murals of your favorite cartoon, it's safe to say that loosing it would give off that devastating kick in the gut feeling of loosing your blankey when you were 12 (oh come off it, people always pass it off as if they were far younger, no one is judging here, you are your own person now and just in case you are still one to be comforted by its security as you fall asleep good for you, I hear its relaxing and therapeutic qualities are exceptional).

SO I finally got around to ironing and sewing on some patches to my denim jacket! Collected a few hand made crochet ones off etsy and a bloody kreepsville one and still going so if you have any stores you have in mind be sure to line me! Still deciding whether to paint something on the back or not; ideas anyone?

On another note I had too much fun courtesy of Lapalux and oOoOO Friday night. The boys are really sweet and polite MELLLLTTTT and when I asked Stuart if he could please play memories he replied with a british "I can do that for you." DOUBLE TRIPLE MELT. Hope you enjoy these videos sorry they are super shaky because of super fun times.