BPA Controversy

If we can all integrate organic polymers of high molecular mass commonly derived from petrochemicals, we would be recycling, indirectly (hah). Latest fetish; there is something cold and creepy (the way dexter wraps his victims up in glad wrap) about clear accessories even though they reveal all. In loving memory of the blow up sofas and photo frames as a kids, clear jelly shoes, I have a feeling it will all come flooding back what, with the rise of 90's nostalgia. However YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED: people steal shit they see, speaking from first hand experience.

Saw Outerwaves make some wonderful music for us on Saturday night as apart of the Brisbane Emerging Art Festival at Metro Arts. Had such a fun night of art gazing and unexpected performance art! Everyone went back to the boys' place for drinks, drawing, moosic making (with the rappers, bongos, mini korg, a selection of electronic 80's funvices lying about) and dress ups then trekking home as the sun come ups. Photos up on my instagram...it's nights like these that make you feel like everything can be okay if you want it to be.