Stuck on the Puzzle

topshop diamante sheer shirt, jeremy scott bag, peter pan collared jumpsuit and studded pony hair creepers from causeway bay shops

I have a friend who watches cribs because he likes looking into people's fridges. I find it's rather intriguing so here is my semi stocked fridge and cupboard so far for your enjoyment! What's in there? Fresh soy milk, pomegranate juice, eggs, stick of swiss butter, tofu, white miso paste, shushi, fruit, assorted japanese mushrooms, green vegies, musli, nut mix, rose tea, goji berris and dark chocolate. Anywho, I could spend hours grocery shopping because of all the exotic, delicious gourmet and fresh options available! Not to mention, on a mission to get some mascara and being overwhelmed by a wall of choices...I can't tell if that's a good thing or a bad thing just yet. I used to consider myself a decisive person.

On a trip to pick up a few lemons, I came home with new toys; Street, Jalouse, The a-z of visual ideas (book to solve all creative briefs) and say hi to my new friend Mr. Terrarium! A number with a little white crane perched in the middle of fluffy green luscious moss. I love coming home to him.

Your turn, what's a must in your pantry or fridge?