Little pink plastic bags

Just some of my highlights being in Hong Kong so far! I come back quite frequently but there is always something new and hidden to be found such as wandering down rustic alley ways and finding the tranquil man made chinese gardens housing a beautiful temple at diamond hill. I also had the chance to indulge in animal shaped dim sims and yum cha on the 101st floor overlooking Hong Kong. Seeing the mona lisa reproduced out of toast and the extravagant Barbie themed Christmas display complete with giant cupcakes made me seriously designing spaces/displays as a career.

On a quest to see the natural side of Hong Kong I was blown away by Lantau Island, the lush green wetlands, wild buffalos and quiet stretch of beach a two minute stroll from my Dad's house. We were lucky enough to have amazing weather in the afternoon perfect for a rooftop barbecue with the dogs. The space here! A three story house with a rooftop terrace and three balconies? You have got to be kidding me; where space is scarce and 600 square metres is standard for a family of four. I might be spending a week there at the end of the trip volunteering at the local vet and working in the vegie garden soaking in the sun and fresh air!

Finally, back in the bustling city, there I am dressing up in Monki and getting my hair cut whilst the hairdresser requested a ladder....