Hearing eyes blink

backless velvet dress, button back zara turtle neck top, heart seamed tights from street vendor, studded pony hair creepers from random shop in causeway bay

Here I am in my new home for the next 6 week (I'll take you through the apartment in the coming week ;), Japanese TV and a trusty glass of carrot juice first thing in the morning! Picked up this awesome perspex drawer from Muji, don't you think it's perfect for storing (+ the added benefit of displaying) your wares?

Dressing down for business doesn't have to be a bore; a 'new girl' should keep things simple, yes, but that doesn't mean sacrificing the joy in dressing! I have been drifting over to the girlie tea party side of town for this purpose, opting for my favorite backless velvet dress but slipping a demure turtle neck underneath. The 'ViVi' mini mall (I call it that because it stocks all the brands you find in the glorious magazine itself) is quite alluring, thinking of hitting it up soon! Justifying it as appropriate for work when it really is to fall into the shoes of a the 'ViVi' girl.

Any who, day 3 of my internship, reporting from my desk jam packed of previous copy platforms piled high for my perusal. I have been assigned to the design and graphics team and working on some packaging design. My ass hurts, craving sunshine and have you ever gotten so tired but wired you can hear your eyes blink!? It's all worth it, exciting things and epiphanies popping up like daisies for the patient. Meanwhile desk exercises have been saving me major but some too awkward to even think about doing in a new workplace...

P.S Listen you twin sister if you haven't already fallen in love with their EP's, color your life and vampires with dreaming kids, you will be in heaven (hah)!