Sea Lion Goth Blues

So I've been getting some e-mails lately about my hair, what I use and how I keep it red. As you all know, red is a mad bitch to take care of hence I'm occasionally a lazy washed out red but I'll tighten up, now that it's the holidays! Or I might just pass on some red wisdom before I move onto a change?...

Anyway, I've tried heaps of permanent, semi permanent products as well as colour depositing shampoos. I'll run through a couple things I've tried and liked and what I'm using currently.

Firstly, Schwarzkopf live brilliance in hypnotic red was super easy to use and really lasted between hairdresser visits. The conditioner that comes with it makes you hair really soft, but being permanent, it's loaded with chemicals and stings so obviously it's not that good for you with prolonged use.

For shampoos and conditioners I've use John Frieda radiant red which is affordable and gentle. It cleansed really well and faded the colour a bit slower. I've also used PPS copper redz which is a semi permanent colour depositing shampoo that cleanses as well, this maintained a light copper red for months and months. When I went darker, it changed it back to copper red after about a month, but one of the best against fading. PPS also does awesome conditioners like colour lock.

Right now, I LOVE LOVE LOVE manic panic semi permanent pots. It's all natural, conditions as it colours and doesn't sting at all, you can use as much as you want and leave it in for as long as you like. I use it like a weekly treatment, just rub it in with gloves, leave it in for an hour and rinse out. You can mix your own shades, I use 3/4 rock n roll red and 1/4 vampire red. It lasts about 7 washes and keeps your hair soft and shiny. BUT be careful because the shower dyes so make sure you rinse the shower right after you rinse!

Shampoo wise, I use Kevin Murphy angel rise and angel wash (for thin/coloured hair) alternately with colour depositing products. His products are really light and are all made from sustainable resources, essential oils and plant extracts. They're sulphate and paraben free so it's great for sensitive skin and prolongs a wash, your hair doesn't become greasy as quickly. I love his cute packaging as well BUT it is pretty expensive in stores.

Try not to wash your hair (try to keep it every third day and use dry shampoo) or towel dry too much either. Use cold water! Don't let your roots grow more than 2 inches (not a rule I stick to heh, love making it harder for myself).

Anybody tried henna? I've been doing some research if I decide to stick to red.

Good luck!


Don't know much about DIYing this part. Personally I don't have the patience/ trust myself enough so I just go to the hair dressers (low budget tip; cheapo/student ones do good enough jobs then you can go home and adjust the colour as you go) to get my roots done and get my ends to match. I just think that you might as well go to someone, after a good few months when the colour isn't solid all the way through and you don't want to make any mistakes going from really dark to a really light and bright colour. But I know there are kits available at the supermarket or the manic panic stuff is safe and easy enough to use at home. If I get a chance to look into it, I'll let you know!