Saint Sane

This incredible 19 year old model unfortunately committed suicide by jumping out of her 9 story high balcony. You could seem to have everything in the world, according to our narcissistic and materialist society - perfect features, perfect body, a glamorous lifestyle and still be at wars with yourself. It got me thinking.

I was talking to a close friend, Jo, last night. She went off to study med and is surrounded by friends who are aspiring to be cosmetic surgeons. Boosting someone's self esteem by correcting and perfecting a feature to their liking can really change lives. But if you think about it, you may never be satisfied with yourself after you dip your toes into dangerous waters (eg. plastic fantastic monsters from hell hollywood).

Jo brought up a very valid point by saying that obviously some people have underlying issues and changing them on the surface might not get them anywhere. Perfection is all too accessible these days, everyone and anyone can achieve it. I know it can be tempting, the media and the commercial market flaunting their constructed realm of perfection, it's only natural you consume what they portray.

I'm not saying I'm exempt from this either. I have insecurities and I even used to make lists about all the things I want to change about myself! One of them being - I have ears that stick out which I hide all the time. Then a few months ago, I was doing a photo shoot for friend's lookbook. They had to pull my hair back and up, pretty tight! Obviously I started to feel very uncomfortable but did what I had to do. And nothing terrible happened. By the end of it everyone said that I should put up my hair all the time. That goes to show that you are your biggest critic! Something may be a big insecurity to you but when others look at you, they don't even think twice about it and might even think it's beautiful!

Working on your insecurities whether they are physical or not comes purely from the inside. You can change your body all you want, at the end of the day your perception is what drives you and the way that you act. It might as well be an illusion, after getting the perfect nose or whatever that you feel like you can be more confident and get the things you want, so why even bother. Anyway, I believe that everyone is unique and beautiful in their own way, you are blessed with what you have, so be grateful that you can hear, smell, see and walk.

I think UNIQUE is more beautiful than perfection.

Beauty does not have to be vain, it is a celebration of history.

Any thoughts? Would love to hear what you think.

P.S. I'm not bashing people who want/has plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery in general though. I know that plastic surgery has helped people with serious disfigurements/ those how have been through horrific accidents as well. Rather, for the average girl who is dissatisfied... this is just how I feel at this point in my life. I just think you shouldn't stress out about the way you were made! Your friends and anyone worth having in your life will appreciate you for who you are.