Meet: Cassie Bone

images; Polio Shimmy

She creates obscure fantasies and inspires your imagination.
Selecting and re-arranging images from the most beautiful films you must see before you die,
Cassie masterfully fabricates and explores re-imaginings and re awakenings.
As her blog puts it; re-contextualising/familiar vs. foreign.

This month, nothing has intrigued and inspired me more than POLIO SHIMMY, thus I was curious and wanted to know a little about the leading lady, behind it all.

what do you do?
For work - I enter film information into a database. But when I am not at work, I am learning how to better my sense of direction by travelling berlin by bike, watch a lot of films, sleep late, wish I was studying again.

where are you from?
North East Victoria, to Melbourne, to Berlin

what did you have for breakfast?
Dark bread with quark and cucumber.

do you still own a vcr/like to and what would you watch on it?
At home I owned three vcr's, which I think has to do with the fact my dad volunteers at the local op shop and has an inability to pass up a "bargain". Right now, I would work my way through Bertolucci's back catalogue. VCR's have a certain kind of nostalgia about them (like his films) and due to the fact you can't just press a button to be at an exact point in a film, I tend to be more attentive when I am watching a film on VHS. (I am romanticising this a bit, I know.)

what is in your cd player at the moment/most played on your itunes?
Most played according to my ipod is scout niblett, slowdive, wire, liars and the mamas & papas.

weirdest thing you have ever eaten in your life.
Dog. Don't hate me for this! There is a good story, albeit a little long, to explain how this came about.

oh please tell us!
Oh man.. haha. It was an accident, I am really not that adventurous! I was in Cambodia, and the menu read "beef", but it certainly wasn't beef (Cambodian beef is quite different to beef as we know it, but it wasn't Cambodian beef, either..) a good friend that I was with at the time was sure it was dog having had it before. Given the abundance of street dogs and distinct... flavour and texture... of the meat, well...yeah.

any regrets?
This is a really hard question. I guess all I can say is that I would like to be more forthright, but you have to learn some way.