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Carnage II 7000

Born in Santa Ana, CA, 1973. Raised in London, UK and Leiden, NL. Lives in Los Angeles.

1999 Master of Fine Arts, Claremont Graduate University, CA
1997 Bachelor of Fine Arts, California State University, Fullerton, CA
1994-5 Scuola di Nudo, Florence, Italy

Never stops shock-thrilling...I admire this artist.
The way she manipulates identity
The ignorance and brutality masked
by the beauty and attractive aesthetic of the finished.
People as people as people.
And this keeps going.

Me and Dana (amazing girl who I do uni with; she makes the coolest necklaces out of bones and glad wrapped chicken - or whatever that was- hearts) have been wanting to get taken under a taxidermist's wing since we met. Yeah. I know it will be a hell of an experience, I'll probably throw up and never eat meat again or just stick to mounting fish. It will be intensely creepy but amy seems like she's just skinning a chicken? No doubt you've got to be off your nuts just a little (she has a sticker of her and bobby on the back windscreen of her car). And I could never kill or hunt and animal. Breathing back instead of taking.