the big sleep

source; vogue italia 2009 via tobaccoandleather

Lately, whenever I close my eyes I have the ability to watch TV. It started 5 days ago. Things happen, my imagination takes hold, immediately and without my control or effort. Stories of past, present and future (things that have already happened to me or that I want to happen or events totally unrelated to me). Exciting, usually mundane events but sometimes of fantasy unfold before my eyes. I don't even have to concentrate, it's not like daydreaming where you make things happen. It's so vivid, it's like a dream - however, I don't know if it is only because I fall asleep immediately. Then I'm sure that I'm not asleep, because I can still feel my body and I'm aware of everything around me in this 'dream' or state - like I AM awake. I can barely remember what happens in these episodes, afterwards.

Anyway it's so fucking rad. Might just be the Shisha I did hah.