Tomasz Donocik

From Not Just a Label

You're probably all well aware of my horse/pony obsession by now. Here's a more sophisticated eye from the usual sickly sweet multicolored haired ones.

It's probably the fact that the chinese meaning of my last name is horse and I was born in the year of the horse that I grew up with them as a significant symbol in my life. In the way that the Dad's side of the family adorn their homes with majestic marble horse sculptures, not to mention, my grandfather's passion for powerful race horses. When I was tiny I remember sitting on his lap, him smoking his pipe and listening to him spearheading his predictions on how well they'll do. My grandmother reminding me its significance once in a while with a delicate horse pendent, brooch or bracelet. It never occurred to me the reason of its importance to us (it'll be a question to ask when I visit this time around), hence my connection and desire to possess anything that represents the animal!

Classicism and Masculinity.
Androgynous jewelry for men,
for nostalgic girls to steal.