I love the MTR

initial wool blazer and grey cardigan, black lips t shirt, aje leather shorts, skeleton hand silver ring, 'alexander wang' frankie creeper boots.

For 500 dollars less, I scored these babies! Obviously (not that you can really tell) they're the jeffrey campbells of the bunch (imitation ones, not actually jc's..) but they're real leather and soooo comfortable. STOKED!

Last night I hung out with a friend I hadn't seen for 4 years plus, we just shopped around and ATE. It's amazing how connected on another plane of reality some people are. When we met, we instantly clicked and even though after writing each other for a while, we got lazy and stopped. So weird that with some people, you don't have to try but you still get on so well. Anyway, we went to a cafe called Modern Toilet, you sit on toilets and you eat out of toilet bowls...it was actually good, we had this kimchi hot pot and really delicious ramen.

Went to Monkok to see the lights and markets. I could have bought like ALL the jewelry I saw - CHUNKY alien rings, skulls with mickey ears, giants feathers with claws...OMGOSH it was heaven. In the end I just got one ring, cause my fingers are too small, and a bunch of insane skull and claw earrings - photos of them soon!