Rusty Kettles in a Junk Store

salamanca markets; pretty sure this guy sold those ancient Goosebumps cards we used to get from lays chips for 50c

Topshop bustier and high waisted, extra long leggings (which feel like heaven by the way), dragon's claw necklace from 13moons, nude nail polish from sportsgirl.

Ah cheap thrills. Yay, more presents in the mail! Got all my orders from topshop and 13moons (a wiccan supplies online store? But the jewelry is great and the taro cards are little works of art; i'll post about that later). This week has literally felt like a year...which means this weekend, we're celebrating like it's new years. Work's taking us out to Kareoke tomorrow night, we'll be shaking it like vince taylor and his playboys. Ha.