Barbecue dog's head; when picnics in the park ceases to amuse, depeche Mode master and servant, tillman kaiser, photos by me.

Mid semesters are coming up as the unpredictable heat wave strikes.
Having ordered the last batch of wardrobe essentials, the weather chucks a bitch fit.
Yes, who needs this right now.

A little bitter these days, but what's pleasure without a little bit of pain once in a while? I'm wearing my best friend's grandmother's costume jewels, a vintage, 6-year-old- kid's-meant-to-be-blue velvet, baby doll dress-that-fits-a-top-on-me (I had to unpick the little heart tag, labeled JUNIOR OPTIONS sewn right on the chest, but I mean, this was $2 blue velvet okay), Aje leather shorts and creepers.

That's right, it's time to smoke and drink in your baby cousin's clothes, (what the fuck)?