Baking day with my baking buddy.
Tarte au chocolate.
Warning: you may just pass out a little or die. 
It is that great.

1. Rich short crust pastry
-mix softened butter (125 g) with sugar (70g) and ground almonds (50g).
-add sifted flour (300g)  little by little
-add an egg
-chill for half an hour in baking paper

2. Roll out pastry in tart tin

3. Crush hazelnuts (a good handful) sprinkle on pastry

4. Bake at 180 for half an hour

5. Chocolate mix
-melt the chocolate (200g) with the cream (250ml) and butter (70g).
6. Fill pastry shell with chocolate mix

7. Chill for forty minutes

Fucking eat that shit.